Bissell Vacuum Filters

Bissell Vacuum Filters

BISSELL®️ have been keeping homes spotlessly clean for almost 150 years. Today, BISSELL continues the tradition of family ownership and a passion for helping you embrace all of life's messes, clean them quickly, and get back to the best part of your home: living in it!

PureFilters carries some of the leading models of BISSELL vacuum cleaner filters and vacuum bags. We have a wide range of Bissell vacuum products, and high quality compatible alternatives (OEM brands) manufactured in North America. Our compatible products are just as reliable, and will save you money. 

BISSELL recommends changing you filter every six months for optimal performance. So this is a perfect time to stock up, get the BISSELL vacuum filters and bags that you need and take advantage of our free shipping. 

All BISSELL vacuum filters are specific to the model of the BISSELL vacuum cleaner, to ensure that you get the right filter make sure you know your vacuum model series type. 

Can't find the BISSELL vacuum filter that you're looking for? 

Bissell 8 & 14 Filter - 3M Filtrete Filters (Pack of 1)

Bissell 10 & 16 Filter 3M Filtrete

Bissell / Dirt Devil Lightweight & Hand Vac / Swift Stick Filter 3M Filtrete

Bissel CleanAlong Canister Vacuum Pre and Post Filters

Bissell HEPA Exhaust Filter Digipro Canister / Samsung 8913 Canister 2034411

Bissell OEM Exhaust Filter for Total Floors Canister Vacuum Model 63X4C

Bissell OEM Intake / Pre-Motor Filter for Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum    Series 1154 & 1161

Bissell OEM Foam Pre-Motor Filter for Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum  Models 1154, 1161, & 2001

Bissell OEM Post Motor Filter for Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum Models  1154 & 1161

Bissell OEM Foam Post Motor Filter for Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum  Models 1154 & 1161

Bissell OEM Black Sponge & White Filter Set for Lightweight Upright Vacuums  Fits PowerForce Compact Models 15203 1520C 1520E 2112C & Bolt 12V  Cordless Models 1311 1312 1313C

Bissell OEM Pre-Motor / Intake Filter for CleanView, PowerClean,  PowerGroom, & PowerLifter Canister Vacuums Including Models 1546, 1547,  &1654

Bissell OEM Pre Motor Filter for CleanView, PowerGroom, PowerForce, &  PowerLifter Upright Vacuums 1700, 1701, 1797, 2190, 2191, 2252, 2256,  2258, 2259, 2260, 2316, 2488, & 2492

Bissell OEM Filter Assembly for CrossWave Wet/Dry Upright Vacuums  Including Model Series 1785, 2303, 2304, 2306, 2551, 2554, 2593, & 2596

Bissell OEM Dust Cup Filter for Bolt Cordless Vacuum Models 1954 & 2133 

Bissell OEM Dust Cup Filter Assembly for Featherweight Stick Vacuum Model  Series 2033

Bissell OEM Washable Dust Cup Filter for Bagless Canister Vacuum Models  AeroSwift 2156E, PowerForce 21567 21569 2156D 2156L 2156W 2156X  2156Y, Easy Vac 21563, & Zing II 2156C

Bissell OEM Secondary Filter for Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Models 18P0 &  43Z3

Bissell OEM Washable Dust Cup Filter Style 10 16 for Upright Models 3750  3574 3576 6579 6582 6583 6585 6594 6801 58F8C 82H1 Rewind SmartClean  PowerForce Turbo CleanView Helix

Bissell OEM HEPA Exhaust Filter for PurePro Upright Vacuum Model 59G9

Bissell OEM Pre-Motor Filter 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 13/16" Thick for Upright Vacuums

Bissell OEM Exhaust / Post-Motor Filter for CleanView & PowerGroom Upright  Vacuums Including Models 1387C, 1328C, 1330, 1331C, 1813C, 1816C,  1820C, 1834C, 2258C, 3247, 3247C, 3583, 3918, 7636, 7636C, 8531, 8531C,  9595, 9595A, 9595C, & 84G9C

Bissell OEM HEPA Post Motor / Exhaust Filter for Pet Hair Eraser Canister  Vacuum Models 33N7 & 66T6

Bissell OEM HEPA Filter Assembly for AutoMate, CleanView, & Pet Hair Eraser  Hand Vacuum Models 33A1 & 47R5

Bissell OEM Filter Set with Inner Round Pleated Filter and Outer Foam Filter  for Easy Vac Upright Vacuum Model 23T7

Bissell OEM Filter Set with Inner Round Pleated Filter & Outer Foam Filter for  PowerForce & PowerTrak Upright Vacuums Including Models 12B1, 12B1C,  68C7, 68C71, 68C7D, 1240, 1240C, 1240D, 1240Y, & 2083C

Bissell OEM Pre-Motor Filter for OptiClean & Momentum Canister Vacuum  Series 42Q8

Bissell OEM HEPA Exhaust / Post-Motor Filter for PowerForce Upright  Vacuums Including Models 68C7, 68C71, 68C7D, 6585, 6585C, 65851, 65852,  65853, 65854, 65856, 65857, 6585C, 6594B, 6596, & 6596Q

Bissell OEM Outer Foam Filter Style 9 10 12 & 16 for PowerForce, PowerTrak,  Cleanview, & LiftOff Upright Vacuum Model Series 12B1, 21K3, 68C7, 82H1,  2083C, 3750, 6585, 6594, 6596, & 6801 *also fits Samsung model 2911*


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