ERV Filters And HRV Filters For Air Exchangers

PureFilters carries ERV filters, HRV filters and other replacement filters for air exchanger units.

PureFilters sources HRV filters and ERV filters directly from the manufacturers and ships them to our customers across Canada. By doing this we cut out the middlemen and pass the savings along to you.

There are many ways to find the exact HRV filter or ERV filter you need for your home on our website.  Below are some of the ways you can narrow down your search.

Browse by HRV Filters and ERV Filters by Popular Brands

Browse HRV/ERV filters by most popular brands. Listed in alphabetical order below:

Aldes Air Exchanger Filters

Fantech HRV Filters

Lifebreath HRV Filters

Browse by ERV and HRV Filters by Model Number

Most OEM branded filters have a unique model number associated to them. You can easily search the brand and model number at the very top of our website by clicking the magnifying glass as seen here:

It's a good idea to search both the model number and the brand + model number. For example, a common HRV filter model is "Lifebreath 65‐160", so you could search both "Lifebreath" and or "Lifebreath 65‐160" and you should be able to find your filter.

PureFIlters, the leader in air filters, strives to raise awareness that many Canadians simply aren't changing their air filters often enough. Our mission is to make indoor air quality simple and affordable by providing high quality filters at fair prices, outstanding customer support and free express delivery.

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