Eureka Vacuum Bags

Eureka Vacuum Bags

Eureka has been working hard to make cleaning easier for over 100 years.  Founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan Eureka vacuums have been in North America homes for more than a century. Now Eureka is building on years of experience with innovation, by developing new cleaning technologies to help you clean for years to come. Eureka vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes including the traditional upright, canisters, steam mops, home built-in systems, battery-powered vacuums, handheld and stick vacuums. 

PureFilters is a proud supplier of Eureka products. We carry a wide range of Eureka vacuum products, and high quality compatible alternatives (OEM brands) manufactured in North America. Our compatible products are just as reliable, and will save you money. 


Eureka Vacuum Bags Product List:


Eureka Vacuum Bag - Type AA


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type CN


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type F


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type G


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type H


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type L


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type LS


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type S


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type SL


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type EX


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type OX


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type T


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type U


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type UB


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type Y


Eureka Vacuum Bags - Type Z


Eureka Filtration System


Eureka Central Vacuum Bags


Eureka, Kenmore CV-1, Mastercraft 4464, Kelvinator, Electrolux (Pack of 3)

Eureka, Kenmore, Mastercraft 4464, Kelvinator, Electrolux, Nilfisk (Case of 40)

Eureka Type S and OX, 4 Pack Vacuum Bags [Fits Models Electrolux, Harmony, Oxygen, Oxygen Ultra canister, Eureka OX and BB, Sanitaire SP6950 and SP6952 Vacuum Cleaners]

Eureka & Electrolux EL205B, 3M Paper Vacuum Bag (4 Pack With Motor Filter)

Eureka & Sanitaire F & G Vacuum Bags, 10 Pack (Fits Eureka 200, 400, 1400, 1900, 2000, 4000, 5000 / Clarke & Alto 300 and 400, Euroclean / Kent PRO12 and 16, E888 Hawk UV12 and UV16 Power, Flite PF70EC)

Eureka & Sanitaire Upright Paper Bag Style SL, 3 Pack

Eureka / Hoover / Dirt Devil L - R30 Type Vacuum Bags/Filtration System

Eureka / Sanitaire / Kenmore / Singer Vacuum Bag Type F & G, 3M Filtrete (Pack of 3)

Eureka Beam 2 Hole Central Vacuum Bags B69057 (3 Pack)

Eureka Beam Central Cloth Filter Bag CV (Fits models CV 750, 775, 2100, 2775, 199, 190, 191, 192, 189, 275A, 800 850, 497B, 2500), 11" ( 2100A New Units, 2010 and Newer CV800, SC375A)

Eureka Beam Central Vacuum Cloth Filter Bag With Weight 110156 (Fits Model 371 PU371 100 355 251 361 11), Diameter 12" Deep Blue, PU353

Eureka Canister Paper Bag Type L, 3 Pack [Compatible with Dirt Devil Type P]

Eureka Central Vacuum Dustlock Bags by SVB, Bag of 3, Case of 20 (Also Fits Beam, Electrolux, Kelvinator Mastercraft 4464, and Canavac)

Eureka Central Vacuum Dustlock Bags by SVB, Pack of 3 [Also fits Electrolux, Kelvinator, Mastercraft 4464, Kenmore 50500]

Eureka Cloth Bag Type L Old Style

Eureka OEM Filteraire Central Vacuum Bags, Pack of 3

Eureka OEM Paper Bag, Metal Condo VAC RV VAC Model 145,167, 2067 & Husky 5 Gallon (3 Pack)

Eureka Paper Bag Type CN-2 for 6830 Series Canister Vacuums, Pack of 3

Eureka Paper Bag Type F & G ,9 Pack [Fits Series 200,400,1400,1900-2300,4000,5000]

Eureka Paper Bag Type F & G, Pack of 3 [Fits Eureka Series 200/600/1400/1900-2300/4000/5000]

Eureka Paper Vacuum Bag Type U, 3 Pack [Fits Boss Bravo Series 7600/9000/9800]

Eureka Style UB Microlined Canister Paper Vacuum Bag, 3 Pack

Eureka Type CN-2, 3M Filtrete Vacuum Bag, Pack of 3

Eureka Type H Vacuum Bag, 3M Filtrete (Includes 3 Bags & 3 Filters)

Eureka Type Y, 3M Filtrete Paper Vacuum Bag, 3 Pack (Fits Models Excaliber & 6400 Series)

Eureka Type Z, 3M Filtrete Vacuum Bag (Pack of 3)

Eureka Vacuum Bag Type AA, 3 Pack [Fits Eureka Vacuum Series 4570 4300 4400]

Eureka Vacuum Bag Type CN-2, 3M Filtrete (Pack of 3)

Eureka Vacuum Bag Type EX, Pack of 3 [Fits Eureka Canister Vacuum Models 6978, 6980, 6990]

Eureka Vacuum Bag Type T, 3M Filtrete (Pack of 3)

Eureka Vacuum Bag Type U, 3M Filtrete (Pack of 3)

Eureka/ Sanitaire Paper Bag Type LS, 3 Pack

Eureka/Kenmore/Kelvinator/Electrolux Central Vacuum Bags Beam, 3/Pack

Eureka Style CN1 Vacuum Cleaner Bags, 3 Pack


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