Generalaire Furnace Filters

generalaire furnace filters

Generalaire was founded in 1937 in Detroit, Michigan and have been manufacturing filters and indoor air quality products for almost a century. The company is based out of the US but has regional offices in Canada as well. PureFilters carries a wide variety of Generalaire furnace filters and humidifier pads.

PureFilters carries a wide variety of Generalaire furnace air filters. All of our Generalaire filters are genuine and sourced directly from the manufacturer. The Generalaire furnace filters we carry are the pleated kind, providing a superior level of indoor air quality.

Below, you can see a list of all Generalaire furnace filter models we carry, organized by NOMINAL size:

16x20x5 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire GA100A03 Furnace Filter 16x20x5 MERV 10


16x25x3 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 4521 MERV 8 Furnace Filter 16x25x3


16x25x4 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 4572 MERV 13 Furnace Filter 16x25x4


16x25x5 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 4366 Furnace Filter 16x25x5 MERV 11

Generalaire 4541 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 16x25x5


16x25x6 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 13415 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 16x25x6

Generalaire 13156 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 16x25x6


16x28x4 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire GA104 Furnace Filter 16x28x4 MERV 8


20x20x5 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 4556 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 20x20x5

Generalaire GA100A11 Furnace Filter 20x20x5 MERV 10


20x25x4 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 4562 MERV 13 Furnace Filter 20x25x4


20x25x5 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 4551 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 20x25x5

Generalaire 4368 Furnace Filter 20x25x5 MERV 11

Generalaire GA100A37 Furnace Filter 20x25x5 MERV 10


20x25x6 Generalaire Furnace Filters

Generalaire 12880 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 20x25x6

Generalaire 12758 MERV 11 Furnace Filter 20x25x6


Generalaire Furnace Filter MERV Ratings

Generalaire manufactures filters in a few different MERV ratings. If you are unsure of which MERV rating is suitable for your home, be sure to check out our MERV Rating Guide. You can also see a quick comparison chart here:

How Often To Change Generalaire Filters

The frequency of Generalaire filter changes will highly depend on what is inside your home, where you are located and various other factors. We wrote a Filter Change Frequency Guide which will help you decide when it is time to change your furnace filter.

Generalaire Furnace Filter Sizes

It's important to know the difference between nominal size and actual or exact size. We wrote a Guide for Furnace Filter Sizes, if you are not sure what the size of your Generalaire filter is, we recommend checking it out.

Please see the image below on how to measure your Generalaire filter accurately:



Request Custom Size Generalaire Furnace Filter

If you still cannot find your furnace filter listed on our store, you can always request a custom size filter. Custom size filters can take up to 15 business days to deliver and all custom size filter sales are final (no refunds/exchanges). In order to request a custom size filter and receive a quote for your order, please click on the link below.

Request custom size filter

If you need help finding your exact filter on and prefer to speak to someone, please give us a call at 1-888-979-4284 or email us at We are available Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time.