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Ghibli & Wirbel manufactures professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, floor sweeper washers, and high-pressure washers. Ghibli’s experience in vacuum production, and Wirbel’s expertise in treating surfaces, have came together to become a leader in the professional cleaning sector.


PureFilters is a proud supplier of Ghibli products. We carry a wide range of Ghibli vacuum products, and high quality compatible alternatives (OEM brands) manufactured in North America. Our compatible products are just as reliable, and will save you money. 

Ghibli AS6 Cartridge Intake Filter Paper - 2512750 OEM

Ghibli AS6 HEPA Intake Cartridge Filter

Ghibli Intake Filter Complete For Wet Vacuum AS10W ASL10 11065 ASL10P JVAC JV10W JV315PS AS10 11" Long

Ghibli HEPA Intake Filter FIJV2700 ASL10 JV10 JV27 AS10 AS27 Cartridge

Ghibli Cartridge Intake Filter For AS58 JV58 FIJV58H

Ghibli Intake Filter Complete Cage And Filter AS5

Ghibli Intake Filter Complete WS95 AS27 JV27

Ghibli Intake Filter Complete AS10 ASL7 JV10 JVAC FIJV10 6" Long, Shorter for Dry Only Unit AS10P

Ghibli Intake Filter Complete With Ring AS58 WS2MP 580 JV58

Ghibli Intake Filter Complete WD400 AS400 JV400



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