Kitchenaid Fridge Water Filters

kitchenaid fridge water filters

Kitchenaid is a US-based manufacturer of home appliances and appliance accessories. Kitchenaid has been business for over 100 years and has proven to be a leader in both residential home appliances, specifically refrigerators. Kitchenaid is a pioneer of many home refrigeration technologies widely used today and continues to innovate year after year.

PureFilters is a proud aftermarket supplier of Kitchenaid products. We carry a wide range of Kitchenaid fridge water filters. All of our Kitchenaid filters are high quality and manufactured in North America. Our compatible Kitchenaid fridge filters will save you money!

Below, you can see a list of all Kitchenaid fridge water filter models we carry, organized alphabetically: 

Kitchenaid 4392857

KitchenAid 4396395

Kitchenaid 4396508

Kitchenaid 4396509

Kitchenaid 4396547

Kitchenaid 4396548

KitchenAid 67003523

KitchenAid 67003523-750


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