Oreck Vacuum Bags

Oreck Vacuum bags

Oreck produces vacuums and steam mops for use in both homes and hotels throughout North America and parts of Europe. David Oreck started the brand by making lightweight, yet powerful, vacuums for the hotel industry. His vacuum cleaners became so popular that he began to make them for home use. Since then Oreck has been committed to making easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable vacuums  —  with exceptional power — for every room in the house.

PureFilters is a proud supplier of Oreck products. We carry a wide range of Oreck vacuum products, and high quality compatible alternatives (OEM brands) manufactured in North America. Our compatible products are just as reliable, and will save you money. 


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Oreck Microlined Paper Bag Pack of 12 for Oreck Buster B Hand Vacuum Models BB180, BB280, BB850, BB870, BB900, BB1000, MV160, XL2000, XL2100, XL3000, & CC1600

Oreck Upright Type CC Paper Bag Microlined 2000 8000 9000 5000 U2000 U2000RB Docking Models U3800 DVC CCPK8DW Self Closing Collar XL5 XL7 XL21 **8 Pack**

Oreck Backpack Vacuum Bags, 10/Pack

Oreck OEM Inner Paper Bag Pack of 25 Type XL with Single Wall Filtration for XL Commercial Upright

Oreck OEM Cloth Bag Assembly Dump Out Style for XL Commercial Upright Vacuuum Models PCB9300, XL5000, XL5300, XL8300, XL9000, XL9300, U2000, & U2000R

Oreck OEM Outer Bag Assembly in Grey & Black with Zipper for XL, XL9, & LightWeight Upright Commercial Vacuum Models U2200, U2330, XL2200, XL9000, XL9100, XL9300, & XL9800

Oreck OEM Paper Bag 6 Pack Type CC with High Density Allergen Filtration for Commercial Upright Models BK95519 BK95520PC UK2200 UK2200PC XL5000 XL5300 XL8300-9400 XL9100 XL2000 XL2200 XL3000 XL2100 XL21 U2000 U2000RB U3800 U3710

Oreck OEM Paper Bag Pack of 25 Type CC High Density Fits Docking & Non-Docking Vacuums

Oreck OEM Outer Bag Assembly with Zipper for XL Series Upright Vacuum Models U2000EB & U2000R-1



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