Pleatco Pool Filters

pleatco pool filters

Pleatco is a US-based manufacturer of pool filters and pool filter cartridges. Pleatco has been business for over 60 years and has proven to be a leader in both residential and commercial pool filtration. Pleatco is a pioneer of many pool filtration technologies widely used today and continues to innovate year after year. Pleatco makes after-market compatibles for just about every single pool filter model out there.

PureFilters is a proud dealer of Pleatco products. We carry a wide range of Pleatco pool filters. All of our Pleatco filters are genuine and sourced directly from the manufacturer in order to save you money!

Below, you can see a list of all Pleatco pool filter models we carry, organized alphabetically:

Pleatco FC0315
Pleatco FC0530
Pleatco PA100
Pleatco PA100N
Pleatco PA106
Pleatco PA112
Pleatco PA12
Pleatco PA120
Pleatco PA125
Pleatco PA126
Pleatco PA131
Pleatco PA137
Pleatco PA150S
Pleatco PA175
Pleatco PA175-M
Pleatco PA190
Pleatco PA200S
Pleatco PA25
Pleatco PA40
Pleatco PA40SF
Pleatco PA50
Pleatco PA50SV
Pleatco PA55
Pleatco PA56SV
Pleatco PA75
Pleatco PA75SV
Pleatco PA76
Pleatco PA80
Pleatco PA81
Pleatco PA81
Pleatco PA85
Pleatco PA90
Pleatco PAE50
Pleatco PAP100-4
Pleatco PAP150-4
Pleatco PAP200-4
Pleatco PAP50-4
Pleatco PAP75-4
Pleatco PBF35-M
Pleatco PBH12.5-4
Pleatco PBH50
Pleatco PBW4PAIR
Pleatco PC11-4
Pleatco PC7-120
Pleatco PC7-TC 
Pleatco PCAL100
Pleatco PCAL75
Pleatco PCC105
Pleatco PCC130
Pleatco PCC60
Pleatco PCC80
Pleatco PCD100W
Pleatco PCD50
Pleatco PCD75N
Pleatco PCM100SV
Pleatco PCS40-F2M
Pleatco PCS50-F2M
Pleatco PCS50N
Pleatco PCS75N
Pleatco PCST120
Pleatco PCST80
Pleatco PDM25P4
Pleatco PDO75-2000
Pleatco PFAB100
Pleatco PFF25P4
Pleatco PFF25TC-P4
Pleatco PFF50P4
Pleatco PFW110
Pleatco PFW60
Pleatco PGF5
Pleatco PGF7
Pleatco PGS25P4
Pleatco PH3.7-B
Pleatco PH6
Pleatco PHC25P4
Pleatco PHP11
Pleatco PHP18
Pleatco PIC15
Pleatco PIC25
Pleatco PIN20
Pleatco PIN28
Pleatco PJ100-4
Pleatco PJ120-4
Pleatco PJ150-4
Pleatco PJ160-4
Pleatco PJ200-4
Pleatco PJ200S-4
Pleatco PJ25-4
Pleatco PJ25-IN-4
Pleatco PJ37-IN-4
Pleatco PJ40-4
Pleatco PJ50-4
Pleatco PJ60-4
Pleatco PJ80-4
Pleatco PJAN115
Pleatco PJAN145
Pleatco PJANCS200-4
Pleatco PJANCS250-4
Pleatco PJB40
Pleatco PJB60
Pleatco PJW23
Pleatco PJW25
Pleatco PJW30-4
Pleatco PJW40SC-F2M
Pleatco PJW50
Pleatco PLAS35
Pleatco PLB50
Pleatco PLBS100
Pleatco PLBS50
Pleatco PLBS75
Pleatco PLW25-4
Pleatco PMA60-F2M
Pleatco PMAX50P4
Pleatco PMS20-4
Pleatco PMS8
Pleatco PMS8TC
Pleatco PMT50
Pleatco PPG50P4
Pleatco PPI25-4
Pleatco PPM25-4
Pleatco PPM35SC-F2M
Pleatco PPM50SC-F2M
Pleatco PRB100
Pleatco PRB25-IN
Pleatco PRB35-IN
Pleatco PRB50-IN
Pleatco PRB75
Pleatco PRW150
Pleatco PS9-4
Pleatco PSD125
Pleatco PSD125U
Pleatco PSD75
Pleatco PSD85-2002
Pleatco PSG13.5P4
Pleatco PSR15-4
Pleatco PTL18P4-4
Pleatco PTL25P4-4
Pleatco PTL25W-SV-P4-4
Pleatco PTL35P4-4
Pleatco PTL40XWT
Pleatco PTL50P4-4
Pleatco PTL55XW-F2M
Pleatco PVT50W
Pleatco PWW100-4
Pleatco PWW40
Pleatco PWW50
Pleatco PWW50L
Pleatco PWW50P3
Pleatco PWWCT150
Pleatco PXST100
Pleatco PXST150
Pleatco PXST200

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