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Royal has been building vacuum cleaners since 1905. Royal vacuums are made to last. These vacuums are designed with high quality components such as metal handles, nozzles, fans that come with a lifetime warranty.

PureFilters is a proud supplier of Royal vacuum products. We carry a wide range of Royal vacuum products, and high quality compatible alternatives (OEM brands) manufactured in North America. Our compatible products are just as reliable, and will save you money. 


Royal HEPA Filter Style F16 Vision Wide Glide 086710 086715

Royal HEPA Filter F1 Fits Dirt Devil Vision Turbo Dirt Cup Fits Series 085800 086700 to 087900 088100 to 088525 091800 088520 087500 087800 085830 088150 088500C 085805 085845 65801 SD40130 088175

Royal Dirt Devil HEPA Dust Cup Filter F2 Lightweights and Stick VACS Models 083900, 083975, 084100, 084105, 084200 084300, 084600, 084605, 084610,M084650 UD40225 084614CA,084615CA,084650, 086650 Also Will Fit Hand VACS Models 08245

Royal Dirt Devil OEM MicroFresh Exhaust Filter for Swivel Glide Series Upright Vacuums

Royal OEM Foam Inlet Filter 1KQ0106000 SD40000

Royal Dirt Devil OEM Fabric Dust Cup Filter for Power-Stick Stick Vacuums Including Models 083700 & 083700B

Royal Dirt Devil OEM F1 HEPA Dust Cup Filter Assembly 2JC0360000 SERIES C and Newer for Model 088160 085830T 088300 088400 RY6100 088700 088450 088520 SD40130

Royal OEM Foam Exhaust Filter 2KQ0104000 SD40000

Royal OEM Dirt Cup Filter 3088570001 2 PACK M0880 0880 0886 0880DV 0881 0887 SCORPION BD10035

Royal OEM HEPA Dust Cup Filter Type F8 for Vision Turbo, Swivel-Glide Vision, Vibe Vision, & Outlast Upright Vacuums

Royal Dirt Devil OEM HEPA Exhaust Filter F74 411018001 Model UD70200

Royal Dirt Devil OEM HEPA Exhaust Filter F79 440004274 Model UD70250 UD70250B Dash

Royal Dirt Devil OEM Exhaust Filter for Canister Vacuums Fits Dynamite Model SD30080

Royal Dirt Devil OEM Pre-Motor Filter for Canister Vacuums Fits Dynamite Model SD30080


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