Sanitaire Vacuums




Since 1972, Sanitaire has been a leader and innovator in the commercial vacuum industry. Sanitaire’s vacuum cleaners provide exceptional performance, durability, productivity and value if you're looking for a vacuum to used in the professional cleaning industries. 

PureFilters is a proud supplier of Sanitaire vacuums that meet HEPA standards of filtration. Click on each of the models below to learn more about our selection of Simplicity vacuums:


Sanitaire FORCE QuietClean Vacuum SC5713
Sanitaire FORCE® QuietClean HEPA Vacuum SC5713
Sanitaire Multi Surface Vacuum SC9180D
Sanitaire Multi-Surface QuietClean® HEPA Vacuum SC9180D
Sanitaire Bagless Vacuum SC5845D
Sanitaire FORCE® QuietClean Bagless HEPA Vacuum SC5845D
Sanitaire  Vacuum SC5815E
Sanitaire FORCE® QuietClean Upright HEPA Vacuum SC5815E