Simplicity Vacuums




When Simplicity was established as a company, it had one goal - to build the best vacuum possible. Their engineers have tested every detail, and Simplicity’s vacuums are proof of that.

PureFilters is a proud supplier of Simplicity vacuums that meet HEPA standards of filtration. Click on each of the models below to learn more about our selections of Simplicity vacuums:

Simplicity Allergy Vacuum
Simplicity Allergy with HEPA Media Bag & Filter (S20EZM)
Jill Canister Vacuum
Simplicity Jill Canister HEPA Vacuum (JILL.12)
Simplicity Spiffy Vacuum s60
Simplicity Spiffy Bagless HEPA Vacuum S60
Simplicity Freedom Cordless HEPA Vacuum S10CV.8
Simplicity S65  Cordless Vacuum
Simplicity Premium Cordless Stick HEPA Vacuum S65