Vacumaid Vacuum Bags

VacuMaid vacuum bags

VacuMaid provides homeowners with respite by way of robust central vacuum systems. The VacuMaid central vacuum system features unmatched filtration, strong motors, and a robust design. The more well-known systems from VacuMaid are renowned for their cyclonic action, which separates tiny particles and vents them outdoors. All of the debris that the vacuum collected is then kept in a corrosion-resistant steel canister that is designed to last a lifetime.

PureFilters is a proud supplier of VacuMaid products. We carry a wide range of VacuMaid vacuum products, and high quality compatible alternatives (OEM brands) manufactured in North America. Our compatible products are just as reliable, and will save you money.

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Vacumaid Aastrovac Blue Paper Bag 2-Ply 12 Gallon 3 Pack Broan Central Built SVB

Vacumaid Astrovac Built-In Bag 2-Ply 12 Gallon 3 Pack SVB Case Of 20

Vacumaid Astrovac Dustlock Bag Multi-Ply 12 Gallon **3 Pack SVB**

Vacumaid Astrovac Dustlock Bag Multi-Ply 12 Gallon **3 Pack SVB Case of 20**


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