AlgaeFree Pool Blocks 600g Algicide

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AlgaeFree Pool Blocks 600g Algicide


2 Pack of AlgaeFree Pool Blocks (600 g) - Good for 2 Months of Treatment

Pool Blocks all season algicide is an extra strength, slow release solid tablet algicide suitable for salt water, ozone, UV & chlorine pools. Eliminating all forms of green, mustard and blackspot algae to deliver outstanding results in harsh environments. They contain more than twice the active ingredient of most standard competitor products to ensure the longest possible treatment period.


  • Blackspot, Mustard & Green Algae Killer
  • Eliminate Algae from Walls, Grouting & Steps
  • Reduce Chlorine Consumption
  • Handy Monthly Slow Release Tablet
  • Ideal for Salt or Chlorine Pools
  • Long Life Algicide for Summer and Winter
  • Makes Pool Water Sparkling Clear

Directions for use: 

  • Initial dose - place one (1) POOL BLOCK per 25,000 liters of pool water in the wire basket when the pump is running
  • If algae persists, a monthly maintenance dose of one block per 50,000 L or ½ block per 25,000
  • Adjust pool water pH and maintain between 7.2-7.6 during treatment. Brush walls weekly when treating blackspot algae. Use in conjunction with chlorine or an approved bactericide when swimming.

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