Aranet4 Home: Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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Aranet4 Home: Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Aranet4 HOME sensor is an easy-to-use battery-powered CO2 level monitoring device for indoor use. Meter additionally measures temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. It's equipped with two types of indicators to warn about the state of the air quality.

  • Monitors indoor air quality - CO2, temperature, relative humidity, and the atmospheric pressure
  • Visual and Sound Warnings when CO2 concentration gets too high
  • Power-efficient gadget with up to 4 years long battery life
  • Ultra-portable form factor and very simple to use
  • Aranet4 app helps to follow historical air quality data and adjust device settings
  • Uses the nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor to measure CO2

The small form factor makes Aranet4 very portable. Take it with you, and be aware of the indoor air quality around you!


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