Awair Element - Indoor Air Quality Monitor


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Awair Element - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Everyday activities and household products can cause your indoor air quality to be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The Awair Element monitors, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), chemicals (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2. 5) and gives you real-time insights about your indoor air quality.

If you’re looking to improve your sleep quality, gain relief from indoor allergy symptoms, manage eczema and asthma triggers, or protect your health, the Awair Element can give you the insight you need to create a healthier environment.

  • Know your air- Track temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), chemicals (VOCs), and particulate matter (PM2. 5) in your home.
  • Get Actionable Realtime Data  get exact air quality metrics with instant readings on the monitor, on your Awair Home phone app while away from home, and track changes over time.
  • Get Notified - Take action with air quality problem notifications, and personalized recommendations for keeping your air clean and safe. 
  • Sleek and Simple - Designed for easy setup, the Awair Element, and Awair Home app will have you up and running in minutes.
  • Word-Class Technology - Harness the power of Awair's IAQ technology that has been perfected and optimized for use in homes just like yours.


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