Brondell O2+ Halo Filter Replacement Pack, Upgrade Advanced Deodorization

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Brondell O2+ Halo Filter Replacement Pack, Upgrade Advanced Deodorization


Give your air a fresh start.

Those dusty filters in your Halo is the result of 12 months of better air. Replacing clogged filters once a year keeps your air healthier, and your Halo performing at its best. This advanced replacement pack provides upgraded filtration as compared to the Standard filter set included with your Halo at the time of purchase. Activated carbon and True HEPA filters reduce allergens and irritants while they deodorize, leaving the air in your home smelling cleaner and refreshed.

  • powerful activated carbon and True HEPA filtration
  • advanced odor-stopping action
  • enjoy 365 days of clean air


Detailed Product Features:


Powerful granulated active carbon and True HEPA filtration

  • reduces smoke, odor, and harmful off-gassing VOCs, like formaldehyde and benzene
  • removes 99.97% of allergens above 0.3 microns, including dust, smoke, dander, and mold
  • leaves air smelling clean and refreshed
  • purifies the air in your space for up to 12 months

Easy, DIY installation

  • quick and easy filter replacement
  • works with the Halo Air Purifier


  • Filters: Granulated Active Carbon Filter, True HEPA filter
  • Filter life: 12 months
  • Model Number/SKU: PHF-15


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