Brondell O2+ Revive Offgassing Reduction Filter, Pack of 3

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Brondell O2+ Revive Offgassing Reduction Filter, Pack of 3


  • Off-Gassing Reduction Filter works to reduce invisible gases and VOCs from indoor air, helping to ensure safer breathing.
  • Easy replacement every 4 months.


Detailed Product Features:


Revive Off-gassing Reduction Filter Replacement Pack

  • proprietary catalyst helps reduce invisible substances like formaldehyde and VOCs
  • may help prevent health and respiratory issues associated poor indoor air quality
  • replacement pack contains a year’s worth of fresh filters (replace every 4 months)


  • Included Filters: Set of 3 Off-Gassing reduction filters
  • Filter Life: 4 months, depending on air quality and usage
  • Filtration Grade: H13
  • Model Number/SKU: PRF-58


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