Brondell Swash DS725 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control Elongated, White

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Brondell Swash DS725 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control Elongated, White


A reliable clean, with comfort to spare.

The Swash DS725 offers the cleanliness you’re looking for, with the addition of many favorite features found on our luxury electronic bidet models. You’ll love the adjustable wash settings, warm water wash, and warm air dryer—all controlled by an included wireless remote. The addition of an LED nightlight and activated carbon deodorizer are welcoming touches that really add up.

  • customizable wash settings
  • nightlight, remote, warm water wash, and heated seat
  • carbon deodorizer and warm air dryer
  • stainless steel spray nozzle
  • a sustainable solution for your bathroom
  • designed for easy installation


Detailed Product Features:


The right wash for every body

  • five adjustable nozzle positions
  • nozzle oscillation and massage settings
  • adjustable water pressure

Features you'll love

  • illuminating LED nightlight with on/off feature
  • warm water tank heating system
  • adjustable heated seat and warm air dryer
  • air-cleaning carbon deodorizer
  • user-friendly remote
  • gentle-close, sit-upon seat and lid

Stainless steel nozzle

  • rust-resistant stainless steel nozzle
  • self-cleaning nozzle setting runs before and after your wash
  • retracts to stay clean between uses

Sustainability in your bathroom

  • a sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • dry with warm air—not toilet paper
  • optional eco mode


  • Dimensions: 15.5”(W) x 20.87”(L) x 6.10”(H)
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs
  • Power Chord Length: 3.8 ft
  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V / 60Hz
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Model Number/SKU: DS725-EW


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