Canarm Fan Control, 2 Fans/Control

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Canarm Fan Control, 2 Fans/Control

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  • Minimum speed adjustment screw
  • Designed to fit a standard 3” x 5” electrical box
  • Mount in a dry location
  • Now available in 230V/1/60HZ
  • Ideal for use on variable speed SD Standard Exhaust fans, AX, DFRC and AXC fans (not for use with single speed motors)

This control was designed to operate on Canarm Ltd. industrial fans. If you want to adjust the minimum speed, locate the minimum
speed adjustment and follow these instructions.
a) Motor must be in actual operating condition to achieve proper speed adjustment. (Motor will not slow down unless blades are
b) Turn main control knob clockwise to lowest speed position.
c) Locate and adjust minimum speed setting on front plate with screwdriver (rotate clockwise to increase minimum speed,
counter-clockwise to decrease minimum speed so that motor runs sufficient torque to prevent stalling. If fan stops on its own then
minimum setting is too low.).
d) Motor will now operate from this present minimum speed to full speed.

a) Install front dial plate (Remove protective plastic on face of dial plate).
b) Turn main control until switch clicks off.
c) Push on the knob ensuring that the pointer lines up with the off position

Product Specifications:

  Variable Speed Operation: Manual
  Power Supply: 120V/1/60HZ
  Amperage: 3


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