Climaloc Backer Rod, 5/8" x 20'

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Climaloc Backer Rod, 5/8" x 20'

  •  Crack & Hole Pre-Silicone Space Filler.
  • Simply fill the cracks before using caulk or silicone.
  • Saves time, money and energy!
  • Use the backer rod before you put caulking around your bathtub, shower, sink or kitchen counters.
  • Perfect way to fill gaps, pre-seal the joints of retaining walls, window and door frames, ventilation ducts and plumbing pipes.
  • Very useful to repair cement, patio and foundation cracks.
  • Avoid contact with a heat source such as a furnace or other heating unit.
  • Use a backer rod at least 1/8" wider than the opening to be filled.

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