Desert Spring Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve with Anti Water Hammer

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Desert Spring Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve with Anti Water Hammer


  • Brand: Desert Spring
  • Product Type: Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve
  • Use with DS-PFT, Thermolec Pro 600/M550, Lifebreath, Pro 600 & Evolution Air Pro 3000 Humidifiers
  • Includes anti-water hammer device
  • Genuine OEM to optimize your performance
  • Before Ordering Please Note:
    Some older Thermolec flow through humidifier units, use a 24VAC solenoid valve. As of 2008, all units have been supplied with a 24VDC solenoid valve. Before ordering you will need to confirm which model of solenoid valve you have.
    The 24VDC solenoid is paired with a controller HSAXXX (where XXX could be 038, 040, 041, 044, 055).
    The 24VAC solenoid is paired with a controller HSPXXX (where XXX could be 024, 026, 028, etc).
    If you have the older HSPXXX model, you will need to order a new solenoid valve a new controller. Please see HSA055 for compatible controller, only if you do have the older HSPXXX model.


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