Dundas Jafine ProMax 4" Exhaust Vent Hood, White

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Dundas Jafine ProMax 4" Exhaust Vent Hood, White

  • Dundas Jafine ProMax™ exhaust hoods feature a robust, wide mouth cap for optimum airflow and snug fit backdraft damper that helps to prevent cold air, snow or rain from entering the home.
  • The damper has been redesigned for superior noise reduction.
  • Additional features include a removable pest screen that helps to keep pests out and allows for easy cleaning of the duct as well as a snap on pipe to cap assembly that eliminates the need for lint trapping staples.
  • All ProMax™ products have a UV resistant coating to prevent the cap from discoloring and are paintable to match the exterior of your home.
  • These hoods can be used in conjunction with brick, concrete or siding and are ideal for bathroom fan venting, dryer venting and kitchen range hood venting.
  • The molded caulk edge on the cap helps to maintain a clean caulking application.

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