Dundas Jafine EzFix 4" Vent Cap & Gasket Kit, Louvered, White

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Dundas Jafine EzFix 4" Vent Cap & Gasket Kit, Louvered, White

  • Many homeowners are faced with a vent cap replacement problem they can’t easily solve. The existing vent cap (often still the original) may be damaged or badly discolored due to years of UV exposure. Dundas Jafine is proud to announce a quick and easy solution for hard to replace vent caps – so simple in fact all you need is a screwdriver!
  • Our new EzFix Replacement Vent Cap and Gasket Kit will allow both consumers and contractors to install a new vent cap right over top of the existing one, thereby eliminating the possibility of damage to the siding, brick or stucco through the removal process of the old one (i.e.cap imbedded right into the stucco or leaving behind unsightly excessive amounts of caulking).
  • The EzFix Replacement Vent Cap and Gasket Kit includes one gasket which fits over any 4” existing cap, a second gasket which fits over the back collar of the new cap and a new UV resistant 4” louvered cap. The new cap is then secured over top of the old cap frame once the old louvers are removed, thereby creating a watertight seal. The gaskets can be used with our ProVent™, ProGard™, EzAccess™, and ProMax™ caps to meet any application.

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