Eureka / Hoover / Dirt Devil L - R30 Type Vacuum Bags/Filtration System

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Eureka / Hoover / Dirt Devil L - R30 Type Vacuum Bags/Filtration System [Fits Models:  Eureka Canister Vacuum 930 and 965 Series,  Hoover Canister and Portable Vacuums using R30 Bags, Dirt Devil - Featherlite (SD30025) and ROYAL, Lexon (S10) and AiroPro (RY1000) and JohnnyVac Prima Canister


  • Eureka / Hoover / Dirt Devil L - R30 Type Filtration System
  • Includes 5 vacuum bags and 2 filters 
  • These vacuum bags fit the following vacuum cleaner models:  Eureka* (930,965 Series) Canisters. Hoover* Canisters Using R30 Bags, Including Portable Canisters. Dirt Devil* Featherlite* (SD30025) and ROYAL* Lexon (S10) and AiroPro* (RY1000) Canister Vacuums. JohnnyVac Prima Canister
  • Manufactured by DVC
  • Replacing vacuum bags regularly helps to improve the suction power of your vacuum
  • For optimum performance change your vacuum bag every 1-2 months or when 3/4 full
  • Store unused vacuum bags in a clean, dry place
  • Part Number #614548

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