Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11, 30% to -15°C, 5 gal.

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Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11, 30% to -15°C, 5 gal.

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Fernox ALPHI-1130 Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11, 30% Concentration, 5 gal.


    • Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 is a combined antifreeze and inhibitor, which gives long term protection of domestic central heating systems against internal corrosion and lime scale formation.
    • It prevents corrosion of all metals found in these systems, i.e. ferrous metals, copper and copper alloys and aluminium.
    • Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems.
    • For continued protection we recommend Protector levels are checked regularly (annually).
    • The concentration of the product can be easily measured on site using a Fernox Protector Test Kit or by using a refractometer.

    Physical Properties:

    • Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 contains monopropylene glycol.
    • Colour: Colourless
    • Odour: Aromatic (slight)
    • Form: Clear liquid
    • pH (conc.) 6.9
    • pH ( 25% solution): 6.4 – 7.4
    • SG: 1.04 at 20°C

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