FG IAQ Aerostar Series 400 Pleated Filter, 14" x 25" x 2", MERV 10, High Capacity

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FG IAQ Aerostar Series 400 Pleated Filter, 14" x 25" x 2", MERV 10, High Capacity


The Aerostar Series 400 pleated air filter utilizes a state-of-the-art 100% synthetic media to achieve exceptionally high levels of efficiency with the lowest resistance to air flow available. The Series 400 filter is extremely effective in removing many airborne irritants such as pollens, molds, dander, and dust. The low resistance improves air flow and can greatly reduce energy costs. 


  • Extremely low resistance to air-flow minimizes energy costs
  • 100% synthetic media is moisture resistant and will not promote biological growth
  • Advanced media does not rely on electrostatic charge for efficiency
  • Moisture resistant and will not promote microbial growth
  • Excellent pre-filter for higher efficiency air filters
  • Effectively removes airborne irritant
  • Durable construction optimizes performance



  Actual Size (in): 13-1/2 x 24-1/2 x 1-3/4
  Capability (CFM): 900 (Medium), 1,200 (High)
  Capacity: High
  Filter Type: Pleated
  Frame: 100% Recycled Paperboard
  Initial Resistance (in WG): 0.11 @ 375 fpm, 0.17 @ 500 fpm
  MERV Rating: 10
  Nominal Size (in): 14 x 25 x 2
  Recommended Final Resistance (in WG): 1.0
  Series: 400
  Thickness (in): 2


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