General Aire Humidifier Pulse Flow-Through

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General Aire Humidifier Pulse Flow-Through

    Ordinary flow-through humidifiers without water metering technology can send up to 90% of water fed to the humidifier down the drain. The Pulse control opens the water valve to soak the evaporative panel for 3-4 seconds. Upon saturation, the water valve is closed for 30 seconds to allow the water to evaporate without the waste of excess water flowing down the drain. This saves water without compromising performance, while maintaining all the benefits of flow-through design.
    Large replaceable filter pad is encased in a disposable frame designed to retain water during the quenching cycle which further reduces wasted run-off water.
    Quiet and reliable operation of DCV solenoid valve is further enhanced by section of engineered rubber hose to absorb potential ‘water-hammer’ shock.
    The electronic water flow controller limits the amount of waste water which also reduces energy loss from furnace heat which is no longer transferred to the excess flow-through water normally lost down the drain.
    Can be used with left or right side air intake when installed on cold-air return duct. Uses standard humidifier 24VAC power input.
    Light weight, compact design. Comes complete with all installation parts and humidistat control.
  • SKU # GF-3200PFT

Product Specifications:

  Humidification Area: Up to 3,200 sq. ft.
  Capacity (liter per day): 48
  Depth (in): 11 1/2"
  Height (in): 10"
  Width (in): 13 1/4"


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