HW2020-EV Aluminum Mesh Prefilter (Fits Honeywell)

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Get the Honeywell HW2020-EV Aluminum Mesh Prefilter  Delivered To Your Door

  • Replaces Honeywell 203370 and 203373.
  • Size: 9-7/8" x (19-5/8" to 19-7/8") x 5/16" (filter has a spring clip that allows the height of the filter to vary)
  • This is an aftermarket product, providing you the same quality at a more affordable price.
  • Package contains 1 filter (2 filters are required per unit)
  • Fits the following brands and models:
    • Honeywell F50A1124, F50A1165, F50E1182, F50E6124, F50E6165, F50E8021, F50E8062, F50F1032, F50F1107, F55A1244, F55A1426, F55A1459, F55F1029, F55F1052, F58A1050, F58F1026, F300A2020, F300E1027 and other Honeywell 20" x 20" units
    • Lennox EAC-17SQ, EAC-17SQ-1

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