Lennox 51M14 Flame Sensor 51M1401

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Lennox 51M14 Flame Sensor 51M1401

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  • Lennox 51M14 Furnace Flame Sensor
  • Replaces 51M1401, 43K88 & 43K8801
  • Works with Models 80MGF2-45A, 80MGF2-60A, 80MGF2-75A, 80MGF2-75S, 80MGF2X-45A, 80MGF3/4-100A, 80MGF3/4-100S, 80MGF3/4-120A, 80MGF3/4-120S, 80MGF3/4X-100A, 80MGF3-60A, 80MGF3-75A, 80MGF3-75S, 80MGF3X-60A, 80MGF3X-75A, 80MGF4/5-100A, 80MGF4/5-100S, 80MGF4/5-120A, 80MGF4/5-120S, 80MGF4/5-140A, 80MGF4/5-140S, 80MGF4/5X-100A, 80MGF4/5X-120A, 80MGF4/5X-140A, 80MGF4-75A, 80MGF4-75S, 80MGF4X-75A, 80MGF-75, 80UHG2-45A, 80UHG2-60A, 80UHG2-75A, 80UHG2X-45A, 80UHG2X-60A, 80UHG2X-75A, 80UHG3/4-100A, 80UHG3/4-120A, 80UHG3/4X-100A, 80UHG3-60A, 80UHG3-75A, 80UHG3X-60A, 80UHG3X-75A, 80UHG4/5-100A, 80UHG4/5-120A, 80UHG4/5X-100A, 80UHG4/5X-120A, 80UHG4-75A, 80UHG4X-75A, 80UHGM2-45, 80UHGM2-60, 80UHGM3-100, 80UHGM3-120, 80UHGM3-75, 80UHGM4/5-100, 80UHGM4/5-120, 80UHGM4-75 F8AUH-045, F8AUH-060, F8AUH-075, F8AUH-100, F8AUH-120, G24-200A, G24E2/3-75A, G24E3/4-100A, G24E4/5-100A, G24E4/5-120A, G24E4/5-140A, G24M2/3-75A-T, G24M2-45A, G24M2-45S, G24M2-60A, G24M2-60S, G24M2-75A, G24M2-75S, G24M2X-45A, G24M2X-45S, G24M3/4-100A, G24M3/4-100S, G24M3/4-120A, G24M3/4-120S, G24M3/4X-100A, G24M3/4X-100S, G24M3-60A, G24M3-60S, G24M3-75A, G24M3-75S, G24M3X-60A, G24M3X-60S, G24M3X-75A, G24M3X-75S, G24M4/5-100A, G24M4/5-100S, G24M4/5-120A, G24M4/5-120S, G24M4/5-140A, G24M4/5-140S, G24M4/5X-100A, G24M4/5X-100S, G24M4/5X-120A, G24M4/5X-120S, G24M4-75A, G24M4-75S, G24M4X-75A, G24M4X-75S, G24MCE2-45A, G24MCE3-60A, G24MCE3-75A, G24MCE4/5-100A, G24MCE4/5-120A G24MCE4/5-140A, G24MCE4-75A, G27M2-60A, G27M3-75A, G27M4-100A, G27M5-120A, G29M2/3-75A, G29M3/4-100A, G29M4/5-100A, G29M4/5-120A, G29M4/5-140A, G29M4/5-140A-T


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