Lennox 52W29 Furnace Flame Sensor (LB-74940A OEM)

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Lennox 52W29 Furnace Flame Sensor Kit (LB-74940A OEM)


A flame sensor is a crucial safety component on your gas heating system. During the ignition cycle, your gas furnace goes through a process where a spark or a hot surface ignitor will actually ignite the gas. As the gas is ignited, the flame sensor creates a current of electricity. The electricity is calculated in micro amps. If the furnace’s control board does not read the proper level of micro amps, the furnace will no longer give the system fuel to avoid an explosion.

Over time, if the flame sensor is not cleaned properly, oxidation or carbon buildup can restrict the flame sensor’s ability to work properly, which can result in a malfunction of the furnace.

  • Use the Lennox 52W29 Furnace Flame Sensor with most series of models  -G40, G43, G50, G51, G60. 
  • Replaces 31L71, 31L7101 & LB-74940A


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