Lennox X3683 Winter A/C Condenser Cover Vinyl

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Lennox X3683 Winter A/C Condenser Cover Vinyl

  • Lennox X3683 Air Conditioner Winter Condenser Cover Vinyl
  • 24-1/4" Long x 24-1/4" Wide x 25-1/4" High
  • With Lennox Logo
  • Protects against snow, ice, UV fading, mold, mildew, rusting, leaves, dirt and debris
  • Reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency
  • Prolongs the life of condensing unit and reduces cabinet fading
  • Premium 24 OZ. industrial vinyl fabric with a reinforced cloth backing
  • Material is specially treated against mold, mildew, fungus, UV and sub zero temperatures
  • Works with Models: LENNOX 10ACB12, LENNOX 10ACB18, LENNOX 10ACB24, LENNOX 10ACB30-9/10+, LENNOX 10ACC-036, LENNOX 13ACD-018-230-03, LENNOX 13ACD-024-230-04, LENNOX 13ACD-024-230-05, LENNOX 13ACX-018-230-02, LENNOX 13ACX-024-230-02, LENNOX HS29-012, LENNOX HS29-018, LENNOX HS29-024, LENNOX HS29-211, LENNOX HS29-261, LENNOX HSX12-18, LENNOX HSX12-24, LENNOX HSXA12-018, LENNOX HSXA12-024


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