Little Giant 10EC-CIM Sump & Light Effluent Pump, 115V W/20' Cord

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Little Giant 10EC-CIM Sump & Light Effluent Pump, 115V W/20' Cord

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When you need the best of both worlds, the 10EC Series of hybrids has the leverage to handle the most demanding sump and light effluent applications. Pumping to a leach field or drainage where a gravity feed is not possible can be tricky when transferring water. The 10EC Series is a great solution for applications relating to light septic or high flow sump.

  • 1/2 hp high-speed PSC motor
  • Multiple switch designs; integrated snap-action float option for simple installation in small diameter basins
  • 1/2" solids-handling
  • Outperforms sump pumps of large horsepower
  • Polypropylene base model give you the choice to reduce weight and easier cleaning with removable intake screen
  • Manual plastic base and 20' power cord.
  • Full-load rating of only 6.5 amps and produces 67 GPM at 5 feet of head with a maximum shut-off of 36 feet
  • SKU# 510800

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