PoolStyle Deluxe Series Pool Leaf Eater with Wheels & Brushes

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PoolStyle Deluxe Series Pool Leaf Eater with Wheels & Brushes


The PoolStyle leaf eater with wheels and brushes is the perfect cleaning accessory when trying to get those pesky leaves out of your swimming pool. Simply attach your garden hose and telepole and the leaf eater will pull leaves and debris from the bottom of your pool and trap them in the leaf bag. This leaf eater is great for a quick, easy, spring and fall clean-ups. Comes complete with a standard mesh bag and a brass connection for the hose.


  • Quickly connects to standard garden hose
  • Hose water pressure creates a vacuum effect that draws debris into the collection bag
  • Includes replacement bag, wheels, and brushes
  • Fits standard telescopic poles
  • Suitable for all sizes and types of pools


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