Rainfresh Water Filtration UV Lamp, For RUV12

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Rainfresh Water Filtration UV Lamp, For RUV12

  • For use with Rainfresh model RUV12
  • Rainfresh UV lamps are designed with extensive product research and engineering to provide reliable and consistent UV output and performance that ensures the safety of your drinking water.
  • Using non-Rainfresh UV lamps can not only compromise the system performance but also voids the electrical and CSA certification on the product and may result in unsafe drinking water, ballast failure, or electrical fire.
  • UV lamp must be replaced after 9000 hours (approx 1 year) of use regardless of its apparent condition. This is because after 9,000 hours the ability of the UV lamp to kill bacteria drops below safe limits and can thus compromise your family’s health.
  • SKU# RUV12L

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