Regal 1L Phos Out 3000

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Regal 1L Phos Out 3000

Regal Phos Out 3000 pool phosphate remover safely removes phosphates from spa and swimming pool water. Regals natural formula is safe for both the environment and bathers. Phosphates are an essential nutrient for algae and can enter spa and swimming pool water from sunscreen, rain, organic materials, and fertilizers. Using one bottle of Regal Phos Out 3000 will remove up to 3000 parts per billion (ppb) of phosphates from 80,000 L of swimming pool or spa water. 



    Use three (3) capfuls (15 mL) of Regal Phos Out 3000 per 10,000 L of swimming pool water or use one capful in a spa to keep phosphate levels lower than 125 parts per billion (ppb). 


    • Rinse cartridge and backwash filter.
    • SWIMMING POOL: Please refer to the dosage chat on Phos Out 3000 bottle to calculate the amount of phosphate remover needed (ex: phosphate levels in swimming pool read 1000 parts per billion in a 40,000 L pool, add 240 mL of Phos Out 3000).
    • SPA: Us three (3) capfuls or 15 mL per 1000 L to reduce phosphate levels by 1000 parts per billion (ex: phosphate levels are at 1000 parts per billion in a 1500 L spa, us five (5) capfuls or 23 mL of Phos Out 3000).
    • As wide as possible, disperse Phos Out 3000 on the surface of the water all around the spa or swimming pool. 
    • Run spa or swimming pool pump continuously for 24 hours. 
    • If swimming pool filter increases in pressure, backwash. Regularly rinse spa cartridges. 
    • Recheck pool or spa phosphate levels after 48 hours. Redo treatment if necessary. 

    NOTE:  Phos Out 3000 treatment may cloud swimming pool or spa water. This is a normal side effect and will clear with filtration. 


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