Regal 454g Oxy Clear Shock

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Regal 454g Oxy Clear Shock


  • Regal 30-60330-45 454g Oxy Clear Shock (Non-Chlorine Shock/Oxidizer)
  • Oxy Clear Shock performs effectively as a shock treatment in reducing organic contamination of swimming pool water.
  • Eliminates chlorine smell and reduces skin and eye irritation.
  • This oxidizing and reactivating treatment restores pool water clearness and ensures longer lasting chlorine power.
  • Ideal as initial treatment at the start of the season followed by the use of a sanitizer.
  • Fast acting, non-chlorine oxidizer.
  • Swim in 15 minutes and returns sparkle to dull flat water.
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant odours and eye irritation.

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