Resideo L5 Braukmann WiFi Water Leak Detector/Actuator, 3/4" NPT Ball Valve

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Resideo L5 Braukmann WiFi Water Leak Detector/Actuator, 3/4" NPT Ball Valve


The Resideo app gives you an advanced level of awareness and control. By teaming the L1 WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector (sold seperately) with the L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve, you have a comprehensive water management system that can be controlled from most anywhere via WiFi. Ideal for people who own or manage a second property, such as a vacation or rental home.

Key Features:

  • Water Leak Detection and Automatic Shutoff Response
  • 5 ft Water Leak Detector Cable
  • 3/4" NPT Ball Valve
  • Resideo App for Notifications and Alerts


Powerful Remote Control
The Resideo app can be set up as a water leak detection control panel with notifications, customized alerts, and pre-set shutoff locations. With this wireless functionality, you can have control of your home’s water from most anywhere.
Big on Versatility
Use the L5 as a standalone device or team it up with other products to create a complete water leak detection system. Multiple leak detectors can be paired with the L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve.
Quick Detection, Vital Protection
The Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve responds to alerts with automatic shutoff response, helping safeguard belongings along with the home’s structure from the potential of costly repairs.

Alerts You and Others
When a water leak is detected, you can have alerts sent to your phone to manage water when you are away. You can also assign alerts to anyone. This can be especially helpful if you own or manage a second property or need to notify your plumbing pro automatically.

The Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve automatically shuts off the water line when water is detected. Plus there’s a manual override to turn water on or off.

Extend and Expand
The 5-foot cable sensor connects to the device to detect water along its entire length. Loop and lay the sensor through a basement or utility room, plus add additional cables to extend the sensor length to 500 feet.
L5 Actuator, Lead-free Ball Valve, Power Supply Adapter, Actuator to Ball Valve Metal Clip & 5 ft Water Leak Detector Cable

Product Specifications:

Radio Connectivity: WiFi frequency band of 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth 4.1
  Ambient Operating Temperature: 32 °F to 113 °F (0 °C to 45 °C)
  Media Temperature: =35.6 °F to +149 °F (+2 °C to +65 °C) with short time peaks to 176 °F (80 °C)
  Degree of Protection: Indoor, UL type 2, IPX4
  Pollution Degree: 2
  Power: 15 V
  Rated Torque: 44.25 in-lbs (5Nm) min
  Breakaway Torque: 6.5Nm min
  Height (in): 2.52
  Width (in): 2.68
  Length (in): 4.65
  Ball Valve Mating Flange: F03 (36mm), ISO 5211
  Valve Dimensions: 3/4" NPT


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