Riccar Prima Straight Suction (R50SS) HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Riccar Prima Straight Suction (R50SS) HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

    The Prima Straight Suction canister is ideal for cleaning hard floors and area rugs. It is powerful yet incredibly compact and lightweight. With a front caster and premium rear wheels that perform like inline skates, it runs circles around other canisters. It's also designed as a 100% sealed system that includes HEPA media filtration and self-sealing, charcoal-infused HEPA media bag.

    Two-floor tools are included. For area rugs, a floor turbo brush tool provides air-driven agitation with suction control. And for bare floor cleaning the Soft Sweep floor tool with natural bristles picks up dust and gently polishes floors with its microfiber pad. Even above-the-floor cleaning is a cinch with the Prima's telescopic wand 6.5-foot hose and 2-in-1 tool. A tool adapter connects the Prima wand to any standard size vacuum tools and a tool caddy keeps tools conveniently located. The adjustable suction control lets you dial down the power for a more gentle clean.


    Product Features

    • Self-sealing HEPA media bag meets the filtration standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns
    • 100% sealed filtration - dust is completely contained with no leakage
    • Self-sealing bags are simple to attach and remove for clean disposal
    • Granulated Charcoal Filter (your best defense against pet odors)
    • Ultimate maneuverability with two 3-inch wheels and a front caster 
    • Maximum reach with a 6.5-foot hose and a stainless steel wand
    • Adjustable suction control slide
    • Hard body durable canister
    • Great on bare floors and area rugs with the floor turbo nozzle


    • Bare Floor Squeegee: No
    • Cord Length: 28 Feet
    • Headlight: No
    • Vacuum Type: Canister
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Tools and Attachments: Crevice Tool, Bare Floor Nozzle/Tool, Dusting Brush



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