Swift Green SGF-CYSTFF-S Water Filter

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The Swift Green Filters SGF-CYSTFF-S commercial water filter is a compatible 3M replacement providing fresh, clean, and great tasting drinking water. This high quality filter reduces: volatile organic compounds - chlorine taste and odor - cyst - sediment, dirt and rust - LEAD - scale. Our filters are made with activated carbon produced using a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells. Coconut carbon is superior to other sources of activated carbon. It has 50% more micro-pores for capturing contaminants. 

  • Compatible water filter replacement for -  3M Aqua Pure C-Cyst-FF, 5610428
  • Swift's Green Water Filters reduce unwanted contaminants from water such as pharmaceuticals, VOCs, lead, bacteria, chlorine taste and odor, etc., to provide you with better quality water. 
  • Replace every 5-6 months for optimal performance
  • Made in the USA, and industry-certified to meet NSF / ANSI 42 standards.
  • Swift Green filters are a great alternative to expensive refrigerator-branded filters.
  • These eco-friendly filters are made with activated carbon, produced using a new technology, that carbonizes dried coconut shells.
  • Certification: NSF 42 Standards Certified
  • Quantity: Pack contains 1 individual water filter
  • Quality: 20-100 psi Working Pressure and 0.5 GPM Flow Rate
  • Manufacturing: Proudly 100% North American (USA) made

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