Evolution Air SK-051 Humidifier Evaporator Pad - 9-3/4" x 16-1/2" x 1-1/2"

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  • Brand: Generic / Evolution Air
  • Actual Size:  9-3/4" Wide x 16-1/2" High x 1-1/2" Thick
  • Compatible with: Skuttle A04-1725-051, White-Rodgers PAD-A04-1725-051, or Amana/Goodman HUM-1725051
  • Lifespan:  1 year (less with hard water)


The Evolution Air SK-051 evaporator pad is a humidifier pad made of expanded aluminum. The pad is coated with a hydrophilic material that absorbs and holds water flowing through the pad, allowing warm air flowing across the pad to evaporate the water and humidify the air. This is an aftermarket pad offering excellent value. It can be used in place of Skuttle A04-1725-051, White-Rodgers PAD-A04-1725-051, or Amana/Goodman HUM-1725051.

Minerals contained in the water are left on the pad as the water evaporates, clogging the pad and restricting both water and airflow. For this reason the pad should be changed once per heating season. If you have hard water with higher mineral content, you may need to change the pad more frequently. Cleaning the pad is not recommended, as this removes the hydrophilic coating and will greatly reduce the performance of your humidifier.

When installing, insert the evaporator pad so the colour spot is at the top. Each pad comes with a new wick that should be inserted into the drip tray above the pad.


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