Vileda MicroTwist Mop

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Vileda MicroTwist Mop

  • With the smartly designed Vileda MicroTwist mop, you’ll cover more ground to wash all floors thoroughly with utmost efficiency. Its 100% microfibre strings are held together by double tail bands that prevent tangling and shape them into a large circle to cut broadly into the most stubborn dirt. Its built-in ratchet-twist system lets you wring the head easily to the perfect moisture level while keeping your hands dry. Super-absorbent, easy-to-replace refills are machine washable and suitable for all hard flooring surfaces (wood, tile, laminate, marble, linoleum). Combine the mop with the Vileda round or rectangular bucket to take advantage of a complete cleaning solution.
  • Expand your reach and keep your hands dry when deep cleaning with the Vileda MicroTwist mop!
  • Easy-to-use, built-in ratchet-twist system wrings out more water and keeps hands dry.
  • Double tail bands prevent tangling and shape strings in a large circle.
  • 100% microfibre strings ideal for tough dirt.
  • Super-absorbent, easy-to-replace, machine-washable refills.
  • Perfect fit with Vileda round or rectangular bucket.
  • Ideal for all hard flooring surfaces (wood, tile, laminate, marble, linoleum).
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