Washing Machine Wipes (Fresh Products), 24/Pack

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Washing Machine Wipes (Fresh Products), 24/Pack


Fresh Products Washer Fresh Wipes easily and conveniently keep high-efficiency washing machines sparkling clean and smelling great. 

  • These wipes clean and effectively lubricate the vulnerable rubber boot and the rubber seals of your washing machine so that you continue to enjoy years of effective, problem free cleaning action.
  • Washer Fresh Wipes are pre-moistened to efficiently dispense one at a time as well as utilizing a resealable container that keeps unused wipes fresh, moist and ready to use.
  • Washer Fresh Wipes are safe to touch, use no harmful chemicals and are biodegradable. Use once a month for maximum performance. 
  • Utilize once a month for maximum performance
  • Remove odour-causing residue on your high-efficiency washing machine rubber door seal, glass, detergent trays and dispensers.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • 24 Wipes per package.
  • SKU # 80407

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