YSANO Rust Remover

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YSANO Rust Remover


Ysano is formulated to remove rust and lime build up, and especially designed to clean your dishwasher, washing machine and toilet reservoir.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Cleans by soaking
  • Without scrubbing
  • Used regularly, ysano keeps your household appliances and toilet reservoir clean and hygienic. It eliminates maintenance costs.

Why use it:

  • Ysano removes brown, red or black rust stains formed on interior surfaces of your toilet reservoir and household appliances. These stains are caused by the presence of iron and other minerals in the water.
  • It is very important to eliminate these stains that cause the deterioration of all pieces of your household appliances and of the toilet reservoir.

Ysano is also effective on your bath, sink, chrome and enamel.

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