3 Ridiculous Myths About Fiberglass Filters and Why You Should Avoid Them

3 Ridiculous Myths About Fiberglass Filters and Why You Should Avoid Them

Chanu Vasantharajah30/5/19
Fiberglass filters have surged in popularity in the recent decade due to how inexpensive they are. All major big box retail stores carry them, make them very available to most homeowners across Canada. The standard MERV rating they claim to have varies between 1-4 and typically last no more than 30 days. We've seen a bunch of claims and rumours floating around out there, so we decided to address and dispel some of the more popular ones

What is a Fiberglass Filter?

Fiberglass filters are typically blue in colour and usually come in either 1 or 2 inch sizes. As the name suggests, these filters are made from continuous glass fibers. The fiberglass filter is not unlike a pleated filter, in that it is designed to filter the input of air through your home with an emphasis on removing harmful particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, that is where the similarities stop.

The Difference Between a Fiberglass Filter and a Pleated Filter

Pleated filters are designed to capture smaller sized particles more efficiently and provide your home with a much higher quality of air. Although fiberglass filters are often advertised to create a better airflow through your home, this is only due to the fact that they are essentially full of holes. This, unfortunately, allows potentially harmful air contaminants to have free reign over your home. Not only this, but the easy access past your air filter can cause a build-up on your AC coils, which can result in breakdowns to your unit that could require costly repairs. As with all popular products, myths, rumours and unverified claims started to spread about fiberglass filters. Doing a little bit of digging and research will uncover some facts you ought to know before purchasing these type of filters.

3 Popular Myths About Fiberglass Filters

Whether you've heard it from your neighbors or from the"expert" at your local big box store, here are some ridiculous myths that you may have come across.

MYTH #1: Fiberglass filters are an effective filter for your home.

FACT: Fiberglass filters are inept at filtering the majority of smaller particles in the air. They claim that these filters have a MERV rating between 1 and 4. If you take a look at the MERV rating scale you can see that at this level, these filters wouldn't even trap common dust and debris which can be found in any average household.

MYTH #2: Fiberglass filters are better for your AC/Furnace.

FACT:  Fiberglass filters can actually put your AC/Furnace at a higher risk to the buildups that can cause breakdowns. These filters are prone to clogging up quick, which would cause your AC/furnace unit to work in overdrive to try and push air through. This could ultimately be disastrous for your HVAC system and may lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

MYTH #3: Fiberglass filters are cost effective in the long run.

FACT:  Fiberglass filters can cost up to $5 per filter and must be changed every 30 days. We offer pleated filters for not much more, and can last up to a few months.

VIDEO: Demonstration of the Difference Between a Fiberglass Filter and a Pleated Filter

The "Cheaper" Option That Ends Up Being More Expensive

On the surface, fiberglass filters appear to be a great cost-effective option. However after doing just a bit of research, it's evident that it quite the opposite. The long-term disadvantages and risks of fiberglass filters may end up costing you more money. Not only will you be forced to replace these cheap, less than effective filter very regularly, if you forget to do so, you could be subject to a considerably higher bill if your furnace or AC breaks down. Not to mention all the potential health side effects that simple don't have an attributable dollar value. The peace of mind you will get from using a pleated filter with a higher MERV rating will be all the reward you need when you are contemplating what type of filter you should buy for your home. Keep these facts in mind the next time you are at the store eyeing one of those inexpensive fiberglass filters. Have you ever seen these fiberglass filters before? What have you heard about them? Leave your comment below!

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