8 Signs That You Need a New Furnace Filter

8 Signs That You Need a New Furnace Filter

Chanu Vasantharajah30/5/19

We all know that a furnace filter needs to be changed regularly, but few people know when the right time to change their filter actually is. Because of this, filters tend to go unchanged until a problem arises that suggests that the swap for a new one is overdue. Your furnace filter plays a major role in your home’s air circulation. If not changed frequently, it can have a significantly negative impact on the air flow and air purity in your home. Your furnace filter purifies the air in your home but also collects a lot of dust and dirt over time that hinders its functionality. Not changing your filter regularly can be detrimental to your furnace and HVAC system.

When you don’t change the filter in your home every few months — it varies from model to model — your filter can get clogged. When a filter gets clogged, it’s common for a furnace to work overtime and as a result breakdown. According to Global News, furnace filters are meant to prevent dust, hair and other dirt from getting into your furnace’s blower fan. When you don’t change your filter, you prevent it from doing its job.

At PureFilters we understand the importance of clean air, which is why we are Canada’s source for high-quality furnace filters. We believe that changing your filter is imperative and shouldn’t be a hassle, or expensive. When you shop with us, you can get your cost-effective furnace filter sent directly to your home. We have three distribution centers in Canada which allow us to ensure prompt delivery. Immediately after making your purchase you’ll get your order confirmation, and then within 3 to 5 days it will be at your doorstep. Make that upgrade to get your indoor air circulating. Learn more about us to discover just how easy we make it to find the right filter — when it’s so easy, there’s no reason not to make that upgrade and improve your home’s air quality.

According to Statistics Canada, 48 percent of Canadians use high-quality filters to increase the quality of their indoor air — but how many of that percentage do you think are dutiful in replacing those filters when they are no longer effective? There is a variety of different filter models available on the market, which is why when purchasing one it’s about choosing the one best suited to your home.  Not changing your furnace filter can take a negative toll on your air quality.

We make the buying process as easy as possible to ensure that you never put off changing your filter again. When you choose PureFilters, we won’t let you forget when it’s time to make that upgrade! After you buy a filter with us, we will follow up with a reminder email to notify you that it’s time to replace your furnace filter. If you’re all out of filters, repurchasing will be a breeze thanks to the 1-click repurchase link included in our reminder email. Changing your furnace filter has never been so easy. There are numerous factors that can influence how often you need to change your furnace filter. These are the seven main warning signs that indicate that you need to make that upgrade to a new filter ASAP:

An Increased Amount of Dust

If you find that your home is getting dustier faster, it’s likely because your filter needs changing. Take into account any additional factors in your home that may cause more dust (i.e. pets who shed considerable amounts of hair), because these factors will require you to change the filter even more often. At PureFilters we sell high-quality furnace filters with high MERV ratings to ensure that all these irritating particles are filtered out of your indoor air. If you’re not familiar with the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ranking system, it classes filters with a number between 1 to 16 dependent on how effective a filter is at removing particles.  The higher the ranking, the better the filter. We pride ourselves in selling furnace filters that get the job done.

The Filter Itself Is Gray

When there is a build-up of dust and dirt in your furnace filter, these materials can overheat and create a safety hazard.  If you notice that your filter has become gray from collecting all of those dust particles, that’s a tell-tale sign that it is in dire need of a change.

Your Furnace Keeps Turning Off

The dirt and dust that accumulates when you don’t change your filter can result in a clog that restricts air from flowing. This makes the air handler work overtime, which indicates to your furnace that there’s a problem. When your furnace senses that it’s in danger of overheating, it signals the safety switch to turn it off to prevent the problem. Unfortunately for you, this means having to reset your furnace. You’re better off just changing the filter and sensing the problem before your furnace reacts preliminarily.

Your Furnace Is Taking Longer to Change Temperature

If your furnace is taking more time to reach your desired temperature — whether you are struggling to warm up or cool down your home — your filter is likely so dirty that it’s slowing things down and making your furnace take that much longer to do its job.

Burnt Odour

If you are smelling burning in your home, and your stove and toaster are off, deductive reasoning will bring you to the realization that it’s actually your dirty furnace filter causing the smell. According to CJOnline, one of the many things that can happen if you leave your furnace filter in for too long, is that your furnace blower motor — or the filter itself — can overheat and produce a burning smell. When this overheating occurs, and your safety switches can no longer operate effectively, it poses a hazard in your home. This is something you will want to rectify ASAP by changing your furnace filter.

Higher Utility Bills & Other Costs

The dirtier your furnace filter, the harder it has to work to do its job. The harder it has to work, the more energy it uses. The more energy it uses, the higher your utility bills will be. It’s a nasty cycle that you have the power to break by changing your filter regularly. If you’re putting off spending money on a new filter, just know that you will end up spending even more on bills. According to the University of Illinois Extension, a functioning furnace filter can help you save 15 percent more on your utility bills. Failure to change your filter will not only result in you spending more money on energy bills, but it can lead to a furnace breakdown. If you have a breakdown on your hands, you’re looking at a problem that’s substantially more expensive than a new filter. PureFilters strives to make cleaning your air cost-effective by offering high-quality furnace filters at a fair price. We are able to do this by cutting out the middleman. We eliminate the traditional role of big-box retailers and HVAC contractors by getting our stock from a Canadian manufacturer, which allows us to price products reasonably.

Abundance of Smoke

If you have someone in your home who smokes, you’ll need to change your filter more often. Smoke impacts air flow and releases tobacco particles that can get trapped in furnace filters and subsequently harm your health. These particles contribute to a faster build-up of dust. According to Hunker, you need a strong (i.e. clean and functioning) furnace filter to effectively improve your home’s air quality and decrease any odours that may be caused by tobacco use.

Need a New Furnace Filter? Order from PureFilters

PureFilters is Canada’s leading indoor air quality brand. We pride ourselves in our top-notch customer service that ensures your new furnace filter will be at your door ASAP.  We know it’s important to change your filter regularly and believe it shouldn’t be an inconvenience to do so. When you order from us, you don’t even need to leave your home to get your new filter. Order your new filter today, and if you change your mind on your model afterwards that’s okay! We offer hassle-free returns. We are committed to your air quality and convenience, which is why we offer a wide variety of different high-quality furnace filters that you can get delivered to your home in no time.

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