A Guide to Where to Buy Furnace Filters

A Guide to Where to Buy Furnace Filters

Claudia Pereira 5/5/21

Your furnace is quite possibly one of the most neglected parts of your home as, in most cases, people do not put much thought or effort into its upkeep as long as it is doing its job. A furnace, however, like all appliances, requires regular maintenance in order to keep performing optimally. An ill-maintained furnace can start to malfunction at any moment which is the last thing one would want, especially in Canadian winters.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your furnace is annual maintenance and filter replacement every 3 months or as soon as they become dirty. This process can be a bit challenging for those looking to get started since there are a number of places that sell furnace filters, each with  its own set of pros and cons. There also are several criteria that need to be considered when purchasing a furnace filter.

In this article, we take an in-depth look into the different places from where to buy furnace filters as well as a few pointers to help you choose the right product for your use case.

Where to Buy Furnace Filters — Your Options

When buying a furnace filter, striking the perfect balance between efficiency and filtration is key. A MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of 8 to 13 can work extremely well for indoor use. Before you start looking for the right filter for your furnace, it would be wise to have a clear idea of what type of product or, more specifically, which product to buy.

There are quite a few different places that sell quality furnace filters in Canada. Big box retailers are a popular choice for those looking to purchase HVAC filters. These include stores like Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s, amongst others. There are also dedicated HVAC contractors that sell furnace filters from a variety of manufacturers. The other option are online retailers, making purchasing furnace filters easy and convenient. eCommerce stores such as PureFilters offer a diverse assortment of brands, sizes, and MERV ratings for customers to choose from.

Should You Buy Your Furnace Filter from Big Box Retailers?

Heading down to your local Home Depot, Costco, Lowe’s, or Walmart is the most common way to buy furnace filters. These places offer a decent number of options at a few different price points that are more or less affordable for the average consumer.


While this is, in fact, a great way to get an in-person feel of the product before investing in it, there are certain hindrances that make the process somewhat complicated. Home Depot, for instance, has its own unique rating system known as FPR or Filter Protection Rating which is considerably different from the standard MERV rating system. This makes it difficult for first-time buyers who have no prior experience shopping for furnace filters.


  • Makes it possible to get a feel of the product before purchasing it
  • Guidance from sales staff
  • No delivery period


  • Highly limited options
  • Some stores have complicated rating systems
  • Expensive price points (retail markup)
  • Requires more of your time (inconvenient)

    Should You Buy Your Furnace Filter from HVAC Contractors?

    Contacting an HVAC contractor in your area or going down to their facility can be a poignant way to purchase your furnace filter. Since these are stores that are dedicated to filtration products, you are more likely to find a wide selection of HVAC filters.

    hvac contractor

    Purchasing from a dedicated HVAC facility also means that you will receive specialized guidance from trained sales staff. If you are new to replacing your furnace filter or simply do not feel confident doing it, your HVAC contractor can also provide a skilled technician to do the job for you.


    • Large selection of products to choose from
    • Guidance from specialists
    • Provides technicians who can take care of installation


    • Prioritization of profit over client
    • Lack of brand diversity
    • Requires co-ordination with contractor 

      Should You Buy Your Furnace Filter from eCommerce Stores?

      Buying your furnace filters from a dedicated online store such as PureFilters can open up many doors for you. If you cannot afford the time or want the hassle that comes with visiting a store in-person, you can visit one of the many websites that sell filtration products and make your purchase from there. In fact, eCommerce HVAC filter stores may just be the better option when looking to buy furnace filters due to the sheer variety of products that they offer, competitive pricing and exclusive online offers. 


      • Large variety of products across multiple brands, sizes, MERV ratings, etc.
      • Spares customers the hassle of going from store to store to find the right product
      • More affordable, by cutting out the middleman 
      • Exclusive discounts and online offers (such as free shipping)


      • Not possible to get a feel of the product before purchase
      • Limited in-person guidance from specialized staff


      Why You Should Choose PureFilters For All Your Furnace Filter Needs

      1. PureFilters has a catalogue of over 900 different models and furnace filter sizes, so finding the right filter for your furnace should be a breeze. We also make custom furnace filters in the unlikely event that you cannot find the exact filter for your model.
      2. We focus on quality and affordability over all else; our products are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in Canada.
      3. PureFilters has two separate distribution centers, one in the central/eastern region and the other on the west coast of the country. This ensures speedy dispatch of your orders and delivery within 3-5 business days.
      4. Our email notification service will send you reminders when it is time to replace your furnace filter. We also offer subscriptions on select products, dispatching them at a frequency of your convenience.
      5. Our customer service experts are always ready to assist you with prompt responses through email, chat, or call.
      Be it for residential or commercial use, a filter like the common 16x25x1 furnace filter must be monitored regularly. The filter needs to also be changed from time to time to ensure that all residents are breathing fresh, clean, air. If you are uncertain about where to buy furnace filters, PureFilters can be just the solution that you need.PureFilters takes hassle out of purchasing furnace filters. You’ll receive quality products delivered right to your door at unbeatable prices, and an experienced team to help with your purchase.

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