A Guide On Where to Buy Fridge Water Filters

A Guide On Where to Buy Fridge Water Filters

Claudia Pereira24/5/21

Like most appliance filters, your fridge water filter, too, is labouring away, quiet and unnoticed. Clean fridge water filters are a must to ensure that you get clean, crystal clear water and ice every time. 

Sounds dramatic, but a fridge water filter is, in fact, an absolute necessity, especially if you live in an area with hard or contaminated water. As such, it is crucial that they receive adequate attention and are replaced periodically so that your refrigerator can continue to dispense clean potable water.

The health implications of consuming contaminated water are many and can range from mild to extremely severe. It is, therefore, astute to not only install a fridge water filter but also to change it out periodically. If you are looking to replace your fridge water filter but are unsure about where to purchase it from, learn more about each option and assess their benefits and drawbacks before deciding what works best for you. 

Let us take a deep dive into places from where to buy fridge water filters, their pros and cons, and the importance of replacing your fridge water filter frequently.


Why is Replacing Your Fridge Water Filter So Important?

If the water and ice dispenser in your refrigerator is being used regularly, its capacity to filter out contaminants will deteriorate over time until it stops doing its job altogether. This means that harmful contaminants such as lead will make their way into your drinking water. Small particles and impurities, appearing as black flecks or discolouration can also become a persistent issue without a properly functioning fridge water filter.

Water from an old and dysfunctional fridge water filter may also appear murky, in which case it should not be consumed as murkiness often points towards a high concentration of harmful contaminants. Bacteria, algae blooms, bleach, or rust can also very easily make their way into your drinking water if the water filter in your refrigerator is not functioning optimally.


Where to Buy Fridge Water Filters—Your Options

In this section, we discuss different places from where to buy fridge water filters along with the pros and cons of each. You can factor in these pros and cons to determine which option suits you best based on the brand, price range, quality, and overall shopping experience you are looking for.


Buying Fridge Water Filters from Big Box Retailers

Most big box retailers have a fairly comprehensive collection of refrigerator water filters. Places such as Home Depot, Costco, Lowe’s, and Walmart are spread throughout Canada, and are the most frequent choice for many. Buying your fridge water filter from a big box store allows you to get a feel of the product before purchasing it, but also comes with its fair share of inconveniences. 

Appliances and their components sold at these stores are also very lucratively priced. Big box retailers place a mark up on their products, and often entice consumers with discounts that they get from buying products in bulk. They carry very popular brands like the Samsung fridge water filter, but the variety is limited making a potential trip to the store a potential loss of time. 


  • Enables buyer to get a feel of the product before purchase
  • In-store discounts and offers
  • Assistance from sales staff
  • Waiting for delivery not required


  • Limited stock
  • Limited variety
  • Limited fridge filter knowledge from staff 
  • Going from store to store to find the right product is an inconvenience

Buying Fridge Water Filters from Appliance Technicians

Purchasing your fridge water filters from a local appliance technician can ensure that you get the exact product meant to be used with your refrigerator model. Most technicians will come to your home to service your refrigerator and replace your filter. They will show up at your door with the right filter, which is great for a first time buyer or if your fridge needs maintenance, but this option comes with a high price point. 

Their specialized guidance can help answer all the questions that you might have about your appliance and its filtration system, but you will need to pay for their time and specialization. Appointments with a technician are also required, which means that you need to be home at a specific time and take time out of your busy day. 

Some well known technician’s might have a small retail location that you can purchase fridge filters from, but most are service providers who benefit from making house calls and specialize in specific refrigeration brands. 


  • Expert installation from experienced technician
  • Guaranteed to get the right filter for your fridge
  • Avoid mistakes or attempting to do it yourself  


  • Expensive (includes the cost of the fridge filter and technician’s time) 
  • Dependent on technician’s availability 
  • Inconvenient and time consuming 

Buying Fridge Water Filters from eCommerce Stores

Online stores dedicated to filtration products are easily the most convenient of the three options mentioned in this article. Online stores like PureFilters have a large catalog of products ranging across myriad of brands, like GE, Samsung, and the Frigidaire water filter at an affordable price point. You can purchase the exact fridge water filter for your refrigerator from the comfort of your home without having to go into multiple stores in search of it.


  • Allows buyers to get the right product from the comfort of their home
  • Diverse selection of products across different price points, brands and models
  • Affordable prices and free delivery 


  • Online/phone assistance rather than in person 
  • Delivery period (3-5 days)

Why Choose PureFilters?

  1. With a catalog of over 900 different models, you can rest assured that you will find the precise model of fridge water filter that you are looking to buy. If you cannot find it, the PureFilter team is available to help you pick the right fridge filter for you.
  2. With two distribution centres in the central/eastern and western region of Canada, delivery time should be the least of your concerns. PureFilters aims to deliver all orders within 3-5 business days.
  3. Quality is our top most priority and as such, all our products are sourced from the best and manufacturers in Canada.
  4. Our customer support team is always available to assist you over email, call, or chat for any guidance that you may need.
  5. PureFilters is Canadian owned and Canadian proud, and it prides itself in providing Canadian households with quality filtration products.

Key Takeaways

Ensuring that your fridge water filter is in top shape and replacing it frequently may seem like a hefty investment, but it certainly is well worth it. When shopping with PureFilters, not only do you get some of the best quality filters, but also excellent deals and overall value for money. Browse through our wide range of filters to find the perfect fit for your refrigerator water filter needs. 

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