How Air Quality Affects Sleep

How Air Quality Affects Sleep

Nadir Chaudhry 8/11/19

Getting a night of proper sleep is essential to your overall wellbeing and has benefits such as reducing depression, increasing academic performance, and improving cognitive abilities.

If you struggle with getting a good rest each night, your air quality may be compromised. Our team at PureFilters wants our customers to be comfortable in their own homes, which is why we believe that our air filters can help with your sleep.

We recognize that you may be wanting to know how you can improve your lifestyle and are looking to buy the best products that will ensure you get some shut-eye. Here is our guide on how air quality affects sleep, and what you can do about it. 


Products That Improve Sleep

There are many causes of indoor air pollution, such as tobacco products, asbestos-containing insulation, upholstery or carpet flooring, household cleaning products, excess moisture, and many more. That’s why we suggest purchasing a high-quality air filter, like the ones available at PureFilters.

If your bedroom is full of mold, dander, or dust, then you will likely struggle to get adequate sleep. Plus, poor air quality can lead to nasal congestion, sneezing, and sinus headaches. 

Even if you swear by earplugs, meditation tapes, or a comfortable mattress, these items won’t have much of an effect if the air in your bedroom isn’t being managed.

With the right air filter, you can clean out all the air particles that are causing any interruptions to your sleep or any health problems.

When you have easier breathing during the night, you will allow your body to recover much faster, and you will have more energy when you wake. 


Choose a Filter with a High MERV Rating

If you’re familiar with our brand, then you know that we’re all about those high MERV ratings. You may be wondering: what is a MERV rating? MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and it distinguishes the filtration ability of the air filters installed in your HVAC system. 

MERV ratings range from 1 to 20 – the higher they are, the better they can trap particulates in the air. As a result, there will be fewer airborne contaminants passing through your high MERV filter, and it will remove other bacteria and allergens better.

A MERV rating between 8 and 13 is the most ideal – lucky for you, we are Canada's source for online furnace filters and some of our most popular products are available with MERV 8, MERV 11, and MERV 13 ratings. All you need to do is change it every 1-3 months, or sign up for our automated subscription, so you don’t even have to think about it.

We know that millennials or Generation Z consumers are more likely to shop online and enjoy saving time and hassles, so we listened to our customers’ feedback and have created an automated subscription.

If you’re curious about our automated subscription, think about how frequently you need filters delivered (we have a handy guide for determining this on our site), and how simple you want this process to be.

Our system safely and securely stores your credit card, billing you automatically according to the time frame that works for you (we offer every 1, 3, 6, and 12 months), and ships your filters automatically. 


Which Filter to Choose 

Now that we’ve explained how MERV ratings work, you may be wondering which filter is best suited to your needs. We have outlined which MERV rated filter works for certain groups of people and types of households, and what kind of pollutants that they trap.

MERV 8 rated filters are ideal for the average Canadian household. They are best for trapping everyday dust, debris, and pollen.  

If you’re a pet owner or you have infants, then a MERV 11 filter would be the optimal choice for you. It can trap dust, debris, pollen, pet dander, and car fumes. 

Allergy sufferers or homes with elderly residents don’t have to worry about getting a good night’s sleep when they purchase one of our MERV 13 filters. A MERV 13 filter can trap everything a MERV 8 and MERV 11 can, plus smoke, bacteria, and micro allergens.  

We have also created this handy infographic to differentiate between these three filters. 

To ensure a good sleep, click here to browse our extensive collection of products at PureFilters, and you can find an air filter suited to your needs. 

Sleeping with an Air Filter Has Many Benefits

One lesser-known benefit of air filters is that they can improve your skin during your sleep.

According to recent studies, air pollution was proven to have an aggravating effect on patients with chronic eczema. Polluted air doesn’t just affect the skin on a cosmetic level like aging and wrinkles but can expose skin to more severe skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, hives, or atopic dermatitis. 

Even if you spend a lot of time indoors, you can still be affected by pollutants in your air. The EPA states that the air in a home could be five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Spending too many hours in a stuffy place is not good for your wellbeing, and being in an enclosed space with dust, dirt, and mold can cause health risks through irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Prolonged indoor exposure to airborne contaminants can also cause dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and respiratory issues. 

Now that you know how air quality can influence your sleep, you’ll want to use an air filter that will allow you to get a good night’s rest, as well as improve upon your health.

The team at PureFilters prioritizes their customers’ health and wellbeing, and that’s why we offer such high-quality products that you can purchase on our convenient shopping platform.

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