How Humidifier Pads Can Help Ease Your Symptoms During Cold Season

How Humidifier Pads Can Help Ease Your Symptoms During Cold Season

Nadir Chaudhry18/11/19

Now that winter is here; the dreaded cold season is upon us. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are millions of reported cases of the common cold every year, and it is the main reason why adults miss work and children miss school.

Our loyal PureFilters customers know that our humidifier filters are a product they can count on, and that these items can clean out any toxic particles in the air. You can also expect our pads to be one of the best ways to fight cold symptoms.

Since our customers’ health is of the utmost importance to us, we’ve put together a guide on why humidifier pads are an essential tool during cold season. 

What is a Humidifier?

There are many types of humidifiers, but in an overall sense, a humidifier is a device that emits water vapor into a home as a way to increase humidity levels.

Humidifiers reduce issues that are caused by dry air, like flaky skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, as well as cold symptoms such as runny noses, sinus congestion, and sore throats. 

These devices also need regular maintenance, as well as having their pads changed frequently. If you don’t change your pads often, then the humidifier will not be as effective in reducing cold symptoms and keeping your home comfortable.  

What are Humidifier Pads?

Humidifier pads are a product compatible with many home furnace brands and models. The air in your home picks up the moisture from the pad, creating comfortable humidity levels and a better breathing environment while efficiently spreading moisture.  

 At our PureFilters online store, we provide replacement products for many types of humidifiers, compatible with brands like Healthy Climate, Honeywell, Generalaire, Bryant/Carrier, and Aprilaire.

We also provide a description of how often these pads need to be changed so that the process is straightforward for you. 

How Often Should You Change Your Humidifier Pads?

If you’re wondering when you need to change your humidifier pad, it depends on the brand. As previously mentioned, the time frame for changing the pads is individual to each model on our site – you just need to check the product description. 

As a general rule of thumb, if you use the humidifier daily, then the pad should be replaced every two months or so. If you don’t replace your humidifier pad regularly, then you can expect to find mold growth, as well as extra dust and debris in the air.

By not changing the pad often, you can expect that nagging cold to persist throughout the winter. 

If you’re looking for a convenient way to receive a new humidifier pad, PureFilters makes purchasing one easy with our fast delivery that comes right to your doorstep. We also offer free shipping across Canada on orders over $80 and a flexible return policy.

When you place your order, we ship within three business days, so you don’t have to go anywhere to get your humidifier pad replaced. These days, we know convenient options work best for most people’s lifestyles, which is why we make the process simple for you. 

Why Use Humidifier Products?

Here are some advantages of humidifier products when you’re feeling under the weather:


  • They Help You Breathe Easier. Humidifiers help with cold or flu symptoms by moisturizing your nasal, throat, and lung passages – that way, you can breathe better. If you want to know how clean air helps with breathing and read a valuable resource on this topic, check this out.  


  • They Reduce Germs. When the air in a home is dry, germs are more likely to spread. Humidifiers and their pads help moisten the air, preventing bacteria from surviving or transmitting to anyone else in your home. 


  • They Speed Up Your Recovery. Since humidifier products create a more comfortable home environment, you will get better rest, and you’ll be able to fight off cold symptoms faster. 


  • They Prevent Future Illnesses. A humidifier and its accessories help your nasal passages stay moist and prevent bacteria from entering through your nose and triggering a potential illness.  


Why Not Add a Furnace Filter to the Mix?

Other products we are passionate about at PureFilters are our exceptional air filters with high MERV ratings. Did you know that we have some of the best furnace filters in Canada?

We pride ourselves on our products because we know the benefits that they have for our customers and their health.

Our air filters are an excellent tool in preventing your cold, and a strong defence in fighting cold-like symptoms during the winter. They improve the air quality in your home, which is essential to your recovery. 

We are all too familiar with the pollutants that disrupt your air quality. Here are some factors to consider that might be making you sick or worsening your symptoms:


  • Mold spores
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pollutants
  • Dust Mites


These types of pollutants are sneaky – they are hiding in your ducts or are located on household surfaces.

Luckily, we have a solution for getting rid of these pesky pollutants: choose an air filter with a high MERV rating – we recommend MERV 13 for your cold. This filter traps virus particles before they spread around your home and cause infections.

Similar to humidifier pads, it is essential to change your furnace filters regularly, and you can find out how often on our site.  With cleaner air, comes a healthier household, so you’ll want to think about using a furnace filter along with your humidifier products.  

This winter, don’t let cold season get you down and take the preventative steps to ensure you have clean air in your home. Our PureFilters online store has an extensive collection of humidifier pads and furnace filters that will match your home’s humidifier and furnace.

We want our customers to have a happy and healthy holiday season without being bogged down by a cold.

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