Why Air Filter Customers Benefit from Direct to Consumer Strategies

Why Air Filter Customers Benefit from Direct to Consumer Strategies

Nadir Chaudhry28/11/19

Direct to consumer approaches are a more personalized option for online shoppers. At PureFilters, we value the connection we have to our customers, which is why we implement Direct to consumer strategies. Here are some reasons why Direct to consumer is a part of our company’s philosophy, and how you will benefit from it when you buy filters online.

What is Direct to Consumer?

Direct to consumer (D2C) refers to selling a product directly to customers – meaning that we cut out third-party retailers, wholesalers, or any other middlemen from the process.

Since the fields of eCommerce and digital marketing are creating opportunities for manufacturers and retailers, it’s no wonder why we are looking more often to sell directly to consumers. 

Recent data suggests that 40% of online users expect D2C brands to reflect 40% of their purchases in the next five years. Since we want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to our customers’ needs, we take pride in our Direct to consumer approach.  

Why Are Businesses Gravitating Towards This Trend?

Customer demands are increasing, causing marketers to track their customers’ trends through data-driven campaigns. Marketers have also been personalizing and targeting campaigns for their customers’ needs.

That means brands are getting more creative and rethinking the relationships they have with their customers.

Plus, many people are seeking out specific brand values and are starting to research their favourite companies online. Having a strong web presence is a tactic many companies use to reach customers, connect with them directly, and create brand interaction.

A web presence is especially crucial since customers read online reviews, look through a company’s pages, and shop online. In fact, one of our greatest sources of pride is that we have hundreds of five-star reviews on Google.  

Consumers also want to stand behind a brand that they believe in or whose values match their own. Many companies create a relatable story that has an impact on the customer – that’s why our company’s about page is filled with relevant information.

That way, prospective customers can engage with our brand before they decide to purchase a product. We also enjoy communicating with our client-base through our social media presence.

If you have recently visited our Instagram feed, then you know that we appreciate our most loyal customers by featuring photos of them with a testimonial. Here is what Mark P. had to say about his filter purchase:


“Best price I was able to find for my atypical sized furnace filter needs and a personalized level of service that you do not often find when ordering over the web. Thank you PureFilters.ca.”


Customer satisfaction is why we got into the filter business, and we always enjoy hearing from people who have benefitted from our products and services.

The Appeal of D2C

There’s no doubt about it – in our fast-paced world, everyone is leading busy lives and is looking for more convenient options. Whether you have a demanding job or busy family life, your time is always precious, so seeking simplicity and efficiency is ideal for many customers.

The quality of air is important in your home, and if you don’t feel you have the time to shop for new air filters, then you’ll want a convenient system in place for buying online.

We recognize that our customers are always on the go and need the latest solutions for online buying. That’s why we deliver on your needs by providing an automation service for purchasing filters, a flexible return policy, and secure and safe ordering.  

Using Automation as a Convenient Option

To delve further into automation, many companies create these types of automation services as a way to identify their customers’ wants and to provide swift services.

Automation also makes the process much simpler for customers to order a product and increases customer satisfaction rates.

We believe in this philosophy at PureFilters when it comes to our automated subscription – we give you the option to save money by subscribing, while also enjoying the ease of having your bill automated.

We also ensure that your purchase is delivered straight to your doorstep. If this subscription sounds ideal for your busy lifestyle, learn what our Automated Filter Subscription can do for you.

What Consumers Are Seeking

We know that the consumer wants to be in charge, which is why we offer individualized choices for your online shopping experience.

If you want to feel in control of your purchase, then you will want to use a platform that is seamless and convenient, like the one at PureFilters.  

We know that building trust with a customer is paramount. Transparency and authenticity are qualities we value, and we have many ways in which we form trust with our customers.

First, we guarantee to ship directly to your doorstep within a 3 to a 5-day window on most of our products. We also pride ourselves in creating email reminders for replacing your filter, making the process easy with a 1-click repurchasing link. That way, you can control your furnace filters replacement frequency.

Creating a Human Connection

Many companies talk about putting customer service first; however, many of these businesses use chatbots and don’t offer the human connection, or make the process difficult to get in touch with their staff.

Speaking with a chatbot can be a frustrating experience where you do not receive top-level customer service. It can take longer for your problems to get solved than it would if you were speaking to a real person.

Also, many companies do not post their contact information in an accessible way. At PureFilters, we make the process simple when connecting you with one of our helpful team members.

We have various ways for you to get in touch, either through phone, email, or chat, and an actual person will respond to you. We are also proactive and friendly in our communication – all you have to do is get in touch for more info.

Consumers are searching for more individualized experiences when interacting with brands, and Direct to consumer is a strategy that is creating more personal connections.

Many companies are enhancing their D2C strategies so that they can understand their customers better, and provide more convenient solutions.

If you’re searching for air filters, you can benefit from this strategy and have a meaningful interaction with our brand.  

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